Power (v) 220V / 50Hz
300W electric power
Output voltage 3x220V / 120Hz
Output Torque 410
Rotation speed (r / min) 5.3
Maximum operating range (height m) 6
Roller (inches) 5 ”
Chain (ANSI standard) 10 A (50)

Features of Motor:

1. Overheat protection;
2. Low-voltage and high-powerDC moter, low noise , small vibration, low consumption;
3. Easy manual operation when power failure and it also can be equipped with electrical storage devices;
4. Limit switch unit enables precise adjustment of door in up and down positions;
5. Attractive appearance , advanced structure ,strong horsepower , easy to install;
6. With convenient , stable function of remote control ,long distance remote operation is available;
7. Max. Capacity 400kg.
8. They are the ideal accessory products for shopping malls, hotels, stores, warehouse and other buildings.
The metallic curtain motor must be installed by a qualified technician; Otherwise, severe personal injuries may occur
or property damage.
The unit can not be used in places that incorporate a pedestrian door (unless the unit can not operate with the door
open pedestrian).
Location of the controller: in view of the metal curtain but outside its moving parts, at a height greater than 1.5m above the
floor to avoid contact with children.
Do not use an extension cord (extension cord) between the motor and controller.
The motor of the metallic curtain should not be operated unless you have a complete view of it.
Keep remote controls out of reach of children, to prevent inadvertent activation of the metal curtain.
Prior to any work on the motor, cut off the electrical power.
In no way modify the motor components for metal curtains; otherwise severe injuries may occur
personal or property damage. We do not accept responsibility for damages or losses resulting from the installation of the curtain motor