Wind and Sun Sensor for Motorized Retractable Awning ALSE

Climatic sensor, control units to open and close one or more awnings or blinds.
Versions with or without integrated receiver 433.92 MHz with more than 4.5 thousand billion combinations.
Wind and sun, simple
installation, precise and reliable
Single sensor for several awnings
Wireless operates as a TX

Brand wind-sun sensor will open and close your retractable awning
Will automatically start your motor when the sun comes out to extend your awning, and will retract your awning when the sun goes down
Will also automatically retract your awning when it detects strong winds, so you won’t have to worry about costly repairs from a windy day
Use with your ALSE brand DM45R awning motor,
On motors with radio and DC287 If you already have a remote control recorded, connect the motor or control unit, the control unit emits
a long beep, then press P2 – P2 – go up from the remote control and then P2 – P2 again from the remote control and P2
of the wind-sun.