5MP ENS-Eyeball Security Camera HDCVI IR

It’s possible to switch between HD and SD outputs.
Motorized lens with a focal length of 2.7-12mm
Long IR, 197FT 60m maximum IR range, Smart IR
IP67, DC12V

HD/SD Switchable
The camera supports switchable HDCVI high definition video output as well as CVBS standard definition video output. The two formats can be switched via the OSD menu or through the UTC controller (PFM820).

This feature enables the camera to be used with both HCVRs and existing analog Digital Video Recorder (DVR) as well as facilitates debugging through analog testers.5MP Eyeball HDCVI, Security Camera, maximum of 20 frames per second at 5 megapixels, Built-in microphone, HD and SD output switchable, the motorized lens with a focal length of 2.7-12mm, Smart IR, maximum IR length 60m (197feet), IP67, DC12V.