Power Supply-> 110 V, 60 Hz.

Electronic Power -> 130w.

Max gear rack length -> 16 Ft.

Exit Torque -> 9Nm

Max gate weight -> 400 kg-800Lb

Aprox. Opening time ->12 meters/min

Motor speed -> 1250 min.

Toothed gear rack -> 24 tooth, 4 modul, Diam. 136mm.

Working Temperature -> -40 to 70 °C

Motor weight -> 8kg

Manufactured with the best special steels and shielded bearings, aluminum housing injected and lubricated with synthetic fats, guarantee quiet operation and long life.
Reduction box of steel and bronze.
His career goals ensure a controlled movement, allowing the total closure without hits. High strength, with 2 easily adjustable cams with 3 anchoring screws.
Its electronics allow to regulate torque, operating times and anti-crush systems. The electric motor has a heating protection sensor. Certified Electrical Safety.
It can be passed to Manual Operation with the use of a Yale type key quickly and effortlessly.